Tuesday, April 28, 2015

King of The Ring 2015 Winner

The WWE Network was host for the 2015 King of The Ring, but you already knew that. The show showcased 4 contenders vying for the prize. I was impressed with some of the moments, especially how the new guys were showcased. Here are my thoughts on this event of historic proportions.

Neville defeated Sheamus

I’m not a big Sheamus fan. I still call his move the “BRO” kick. I don’t care. Neville’s stature definitely proves that Sheamus is not a little guy. I thought the match was good, a bit short for my tastes, but it worked for the most part. Neville was able to overcome here, and I’m absolutely impressed with this athleticism. He is so fluid, it’s seems so simple how he moves with so much weight on him. He may very well be the best pure athlete to come around in a long time. Neville’s win came as Sheamus got distracted by Dolph Ziggler. Neville’s going to definitely go far if he stays injury free, unlike that chump Daniel Bryan.

Sheamus and Ziggler brawl was cool. Sheamus got busted open the hard way, which definitely added a good amount of flavor to the match. I liked that touch. Not sure if it was planned however.

Bad News Barrett defeated R Truth

I almost though that R Truth was going to win this one. He had some good offense overall, but it was Bad News that got the win with his finisher, the Bull Hammer. I liked it enough. It wasn’t great, but it had some good moments. It was enough for me to at least not get too bored. Truth can still go, I’m impressed. Bad News is my pick to win this thing as I write this.

Wade Barrett defeated Neville

In a rushed match, Wade Barrett gets the predictable pin here. I think Neville’s great, really, but his offense doesn’t make sense to me. There is no “psychology” to some of the stuff he’s doing. However, it’s refreshing none the less.

This year’s King of the Ring winner Wade Barrett. Good stuff, not great, but hey, it is what it is.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WWE Raw From San Jose Explodes With Fan Chants and Lazers - 3/30/2015

WWE shows the night after Wrestlemania are usually really good. Every time they put on a show after the big event, they have a lot of great elements to sell you on. This was no doubt a great night, and I liked the Monday Night Raw on HULU.

Here are the results that you are going to see thrown around.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler

The Lucha Dragons and The New Day defeated Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and The Ascension

Damien Mizdow defeated Stardust

Adrian Neville defeated Curtis Axel

United States Championship: John Cena defeated Dean Ambrose

AJ Lee, Paige and Naomi defeated The Bella Twins and Natalya

Rusev defeated Goldust

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Ryback defeated Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane

Source WWE.com

HULU didn't have all the matches listed above. So with that in mind, I can only speak on what I remember seeing.

Brock Lesnar beats the announce team. 

I loved Lesnar beating everyone down. I also liked Michael Cole getting F5 out of his shoes! This was a great moment. Byron Saxton is not ready for the prime time. I'm glad the King was there.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler

This is a tight match. Tight and to the point, Bryan wins big here. I liked the way that the WWE is using the Intercontinental championship. It's going to be great.

John Cena defeated Dean Ambrose 

This is a great thing. I hope they do this every week. John Cena plowing through wrestlers, only to get thrown down by someone up and coming? I mean John Cena debuted this way, why not?

Rusev defeated Goldust

I don't care about Rusev anymore.

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Ryback defeated Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane

This was an ok match. It was fast paced, and Rollins was getting pwned by the crowd. Great crowd, they stole the show.

Overall Raw was good. It wasn't great, but it had some great moments. I don't have much to say about it, it was entertaining. It was nice to see, but it didn't have the power of Mania. Maybe they will build to it. Lesnar destroying was the best part.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

WWE WrestleMania 31 Results and Review – The Best One In Ages

Everyone had something to say about WrestleMania this year. Leading up to it, no one really knew what to expect, and everyone had their own opinion on the matter. What no one really talked about was what really went down. With the exception of Taz, no one that I heard online called this ending and therefore I am going to go out and say that I CALLED IT! But since I don’t have a podcast and I don’t have a voice other than this site, I’ll just leave it at that.

Mania came and went, and I invested heavily into this one. I spent 6 hours of my Sunday watching this thing. Was it good? Well here are my thoughts.

WWE Tag Teach Championship Match

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro win a fatal 4 way

This match was good to start things off. The Usos were basically eliminated due to injury. However, there were a lot of moments that were definitely worth looking at. I liked the tandem moves, the frenetic pace, and definitely enjoyed how things moved through. Natalya is hot, I loved her outfit, and couldn’t look away. Tyson Kidd seemed injured at the end, but the win was strong, a good match for me.

Big Show won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

I did not like this match. However, the ending was ok. Mizdow should’ve won, but that’s ok. I liked the match and really enjoyed the eliminations that came through. There’s not much to say here. Great action, lots of cool spots, including the NXT member whose name escapes me.

Daniel Bryan wins the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Bryan took a beating. Ambrose nearly died out there. The whole match was hard hitting. I didn’t peg Bryan to win, but am glad he was able to pull it off. The follow up interview after was awesome, with all the former intercontinental champions congratulating him. I’m hoping he goes down as a fighting champion, as there’s a lot of competition for him. Great match, fun, lots of high spots.

Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins

I never liked Orton. Until now. He is a machine. Like a well-oiled machine he plowed through Seth Rollins in this one. I loved the RKO out of the air, and just found this to be a great match up. Orton’s win made me think that there was something in the air for later. Orton needs more competition.

Triple H defeated Sting

Sting put on a hell of a show with Triple H. The two got along great in the ring. DX came out to help Trips, then the New World Order came out to help Sting. I loved it. I was expecting Ric Flair to come out, but he didn’t. At the end, Sting went down and was defeated. I loved the match and really thought the two put something good together.

AJ Lee and Paige defeated The Bella Twins

I had to use the bathroom. I heard this was an ok match. I saw a little of it, it doesn’t catch my eye, the divas are getting better though.

John Cena defeated Rusev for the United States Championship

For a moment, I thought Cena was going down. Nope. No matter how much I hate him, he seems to find a way to win. He pulled out some great moves here. I liked the match enough, however, I didn’t want Cena to win. Lana is hot as hell.

The Undertaker defeated Bray Wyatt

Taker was looking old and was selling Wyatt’s move set. I liked the match well enough, but you know, Taker is just looking tired. It was an entertaining match, but it wasn’t grand.

Ronda Rousey is the hottest woman on the planet. I love her. I wish I had a chance to date her. That being said, the Rock came down and challenged Triple H after a promo. Stephanie got in his face, and Ronda came over the rail as Rock brought her out. Then she took on Trips and Stephanie in a great WrestleMania moment!

Seth Rollins Cashes in Money In The Bank To Win The WWE Title

Brock Lesnar is a machine. He tore Roman a new one. He completely blew away Reigns here. Reigns absolutely got beaten down. I was impressed. Lesnar was busted open the hard way. Seth Rollins ran down amidst the beating and cashed in the Money in the Bank. NO ONE CALLED THIS! He then went back and forth with Lesnar a bit before Lesnar caught him in mid-air and then got speared by Reigns. Holy crap I went nuts and after a curb stomp on Reigns, ROLLINS won the title and ran away.

SETH Rollins is the new champ.

Overall WrestleMania thought? This has been the most enjoyable Mania I’ve seen in a long time. I loved it. I can’t wait to see how they follow this up.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

WCW Starrcade 1983 Review

Starting today until I am done. I will be reviewing every single PPV and supercard that I have in my collection starting from 1983 forward. I will also be updating HULU Raw reviews, Smack down reviews and more. I will be watching WrestleMania as well. Strap in, for the second coming of this blog.

Starrcade 1983
November 24, 1983
Greensboro, North Carolina
A Flair For The Gold

The first ever PPV from WCW right? I don’t know. I got this tape a long time ago, back before any DVD had it. It’s an interesting difference to see things on tapes, but that’s what happens. Starrcade has always been an interesting PPV source for me. My favorite of course is 1998, but I’m in the extreme minority on that one. This showcase I saw again with new eyes and wow, there are some highlights and some low moments as well.

The Assassins defeated Rufus R. Jones and Bugsy McGraw

Heavy hitting match, nice frenetic pace. Very entertaining back and forth. The Assassins took a lot of bumps to make this match go forward. Some minor botches, but great overall back and forth action. The crowd was really into the highs and lows of this match up. The Masked Assassins won out of nowhere. This wasn't an emphatic win like you would expect from a well-oiled tag team. It seemed rushed towards the finish, but that's old school for you. The Assassins win in non-dramatic fashion. Not a bad match, not a great one. I liked the pacing here, it was classic tag team action.

Kevin Sullivan and Mark Lewin defeated Scott McGhee and Johnny Weaver

Wow, a YOUNG Kevin Sullivan. That's right, the task master was featured in this match. Other than that, this was a mediocre offering. It was short at least. This was definitely not a great match at all.

Abdullah the Butcher defeated Carlos Colon

This was just a brawl. Nothing technical here. Abdullah pulled out a foreign object, Carlos stole it, the ref took a bump, and that was that. A short brawl that ended in an interference and that was that. The announcers kept saying that this was banned in Puerto Rico. Nothing too fun here. It was rushed.

Bob Orton Jr. and Dick Slater defeated Mark Youngblood and Wahoo McDaniel

This was an interesting brawl of sorts. It lasted a good 14 minutes, and it was cool to see the Chief in there mixing it up. Bob Orton flopped like no other, and Dick Slater had some hard hitting moments. This was not a great match, but the crowd was into it, so it made it a bit better.

Charlie Brown defeated Great Kabuki (NWA Television Championship Match)

This was a slow prodding match up. However, Charlie Brown’s entertainment was great. Kabuki was ok, but he was slowed down by the pacing of Brown at times. This 10 minute match really highlighted what the TV title was about, if you recall that championship.

Roddy Piper defeated Greg Valentine (Dog Collar Match)

This is a frenzied and definitive brawl. Piper injured his ear in this one. The chains they used back then were not gimmicks. They were tight chains and they looked heavy. Whether the guys were blading or not, Piper bled hard in the ear. I don’t think that was by accident. The ear looked immensely messed up. This was a great brawl, and as hardcore as you’re going to get in 1983.

Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood defeated The Brisco Brothers (NWA Tag Team Championship)

Angelo Mosca as ref was really cool in this one. The young guys really took on the Briscos. I will say this much about the Brisco Brothers, they can bump like crazy. They were flying around getting trashed by Steamboat and Youngblood. This was a nice classic tag title match with the faces going over after some nice tandem moves.

Ric Flair defeated Harley Race (NWA Heavyweight Championship)

Gene Kiniski was the guest referee on this one. The match was a slow moving one, but that was standards for Flair back then. Race was a beast back then, and he really manhandles Flair on several occasions. Kiniski took a mean ref bump at one point. Race loses, Flair gets praised, everyone goes home happy. This is a classic old school match, but at 23 minutes, it’s a bit boring.

Overall, Starrcade 1983 is a good PPV for those that love classic wrestling. It really is something to behold. It’s even more interesting to read the WIKI page here. I liked it enough. There were some nice touches here and there, but overall, this isn’t my favorite Starrcade.

There are several ways that you can enjoy Starrcade 1983. You can CLICK HERE and find some tapes and DVDs on it. Or you can get the WWE network and watch it. It's up to you.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday Night Raw Review 1/19/2015 The Brock Lesnar Show

Way to Put Over The new Guys. SRC WWE.com
Brock Lesnar is one of the highlights that I remember about Raw this past week. I forget to write my thoughts down earlier in the week because I’m an idiot. I recall Lesnar coming down and causing a great deal of havoc, but most importantly calling people out. Rollins better get beaten down, Cena of course is going to get taken out. I’m guessing a Lesnar win with a Rollins cash in, but that’s what everyone is saying right now. Could the beast take on both these idiots and actually win? I hope something happens.

Sting showed up. Sting is cool and all, but I haven’t seen him wrestle in a while, and he’s closer to 60 than he is any other age at this point. Triple H vs Sting at mania? I would see it, it could happen, who knows how well it may work out. Sting’s presence got the crowd to go insane.

Daniel Bryan looks weak. He fought a good fight, but every time I see him wrestle I cringe.

The old guys beating up the ascension was definitely terrible. I didn’t like the notion of burying the young guys with all the older guys, but that’s just my take on it.

Ric Flair is amazing on the mic, even when getting knocked out, it’s awesome.

Roman Reigns sucks. Big Show sucks.

Who will win the Rumble?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, BRAY WYATT.

I miss Raven’s flock. I’m done for now, I’ll see about reviewing or discussing, ranting, or raving about Smackdown. I don’t know.

Overall, Raw wasn’t a great show, and most people will agree. I can’t wait for the Rumble, however, as we’ll finally get a good deal of wrestling. I wish I could be there live, but you know, money and what not.