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WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results and Review

I had debated whether or not I wanted to watch this. All day I didn’t want to spend the 9.99 to get this. Then at the last minute my wife had to go to work and I decided to bite the bullet and see if I could watch the WWE once again screw me over. Night of Champions 2015 was live from Houston and I’m glad I didn’t have to pay the high costs of PPV from back in the day, aren’t you?

WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results and Review

Stardust and The Ascension defeated Neville and The Lucha Dragons

I think this is what went down. I have no idea how I missed what was going on. I don’t really like these guys, but at least they got a pay day right? I just can’t get over the fact that The Ascension were already buried by the legends, specifically JBL on Raw. Just sayin. Oh and Neville is the man creative forgot, so there’s that.

Kevin Owens defeated Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship


This was an ok match. Owens did his best here, but I hated the finish. The finish made this match suck for me. A distraction roll up is what I call it. That’s all it takes to beat Ryback? A scrape to the eyes and a roll up? What is this 1985? No thanks.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev

No thanks. Without Lana’s little dance from when she was approached by Fandango, this didn’t hold much water. These two are ok but this feud makes no sense and is boring. Ziggler is wasted here.

The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day via DQ

This match was very fun. The guys in New Day sure know how to create an entertaining match up. I loved it, and the crowd was way into what they were doing. The Dudleyz can still go, and that’s great. Bubba is a great performer at his age, and Devon, come on, DEVON TESTIFY! This was a fun showing, especially with Xavier and the Trombone! Overall a decent match with a terrible ending. I loved the table spot at the end, but alas, no title change. New Day Rocks, New Day Rocks….it’s hard to make it sound cool via text.

Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella

This was the best Nikki Bella match I’ve ever seen. Why? Because it told a psychological story. Charlotte had to overcome the onslaught of attack on her leg. She had to overcome the constant pressure of the champion, and dig in and win. Nikki is not a great wrestler, but here, it made sense. Attack a limb, and just keep working on it, but alas, she made a mistake. This is a good way to end the title reign she’s had.

The Wyatt Family defeated Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho

The announcement of Y2J was cool, but he doesn’t fit this feud in my view. Why didn’t they go with Samoa Joe? Or why didn’t they go for someone bigger? Kane would’ve worked here, and I hate Kane. Chris Jericho still has some go, and it was nice to see this go down. When he lost the match though, it seemed awkward. He didn’t give any apologies, he just shoulder pushed his way through Ambrose and Reigns and that was that.

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins

This was a good match, but not nearly as good as their Summerslam match up. Given limited time, they put together a good enough moment. Rollins lost clean here, and Super Cena will return to his Raw showcases I’m sure.

Seth Rollins defeated Sting

Word on the street is Sting got injured. I was impressed by what he did. He came off the top rope in crazy fashion, took a table bump, and went for it against Rollins. However, Sting got injured and it seemed as though he was showing his age. That being said, it wasn’t worthwhile. It was ok. But Sting is NOT in his prime, while Rollins definitely is. Rollins escapes with the title.


Sheamus cashed in, or tried. But Kane came out and beat up Rollins. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE KANE OR THE BIG SHOW IN WWE EVER AGAIN!!! I threw a can at my television after seeing them.

Overall, Night of Champions 2015 gets a C rating. It’s passable. But it wasn’t a great show at all. I was bored throughout, with few exceptions. Oh well.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

WWE Battleground The Burial of Owens

Super Cena Does It Again!

The most important aspect of last night’s ppv showcase from WWE was that they buried Owens. Some people are not going to think that, but I do. Owens should’ve won the title. What does he do now? He admits that he can’t beat Cena? Cena is getting older, and there’s no logical reason why he should win. Yet he won again. If you had money on this match, you lost big time. I guess WWE just can’t let their super hero get a loss. It’s the same reason why I hate Superman.

In the end, Kevin Owens was buried by John Cena. Cena hasn't put someone over in a long time, and if he doesn't turn heel, why even watch? Hulk Hogan version 2.0 here. Nice.

Dead Man or OLD MAN

The Undertaker looks old. He looks like he gained some weight, but he was struggling to lift Lesnar. Furthermore, there was a match going on. There wasn’t a finish. No DQ? Nothing? Another illogical step. Where does Rollins go from here? Who will face him? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t really care any longer.


The rest of the results didn’t matter did they?

Charlotte defeated Brie Bella and Sash Banks (11 minutes by the way)
Bray Wyatt defeated Roman Reigns
The Prime Time Players defeated The New Day
Randy Orton defeated Sheamus
King Barrett defeated R-Truth

Where was Dean Ambrose? The Miz got knocked out by Big Show. Who cared.

This was a lackluster showcase, with a nice return and that’s it. I admittedly was tired. But still, the WWE seems to be illogically booking these things. I don’t want to see half of this anymore, and it’s not that I’m a jaded fan, it’s just beyond the scope of logic sometimes. Then again, I’m seeking logic from WWE? Yeah, I’m an idiot. Good showcase from the workers, but I didn’t get too involved with the match ups aside from the Kevin Owens match, which ended in the wrong manner. Owens now has no weight to anything he says or does.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/13/2015 - The Lesnar Rollins Countdown To Battleground, Or Something

Raw came to some city, I don’t know. I didn’t pay nearly as much attention as I probably should. It’s funny, I finally get cable television and Raw is so drawn out and boring. 3 hours plus of wrestling? I would have peed my pants in 1999, and loved 3 hour Nitro with lots of wrestling. 3 hours of WWE, however, is a tiring affair and it’s absolutely boring. I was bored out of my mind most of this show, and it happens too often.


Once again South Park was on the nose when it comes to wrestling. These openings with 30 – 40 minutes of talking is too much. I don’t care about this feud, now. I just want Lesnar to kill Rollins and get this over with. There’s no way Rollins can stand the beating he’s about to get, fake or not, Lesnar can throw around Rollins like a rag doll. We’ll see what happens, but this whole thing wasn’t worthwhile.


Seriously, how many times do I have to see his fat face on television? I love how JTG painted him in his book, like a big idiot. He’s slow, he sucks, and having to see him on Raw is stupid. This match sucked, and while Ryback may be the champion, it’s wasted on him. Sheamus and Orton in yet another match? Are you seeing a pattern folks? This is stupid.

Who cares about the Divas?

I still don’t care about the Divas division. Introducing NXT people is fine, but how long before they get buried in the WWE’s version of what they believe is good women’s wrestling? I wasn’t excited by this. I made a can of soup.

The Prime Time Players are the worst tag team. I said it. I don’t want to see them on Raw.

R-Truth is still employed? Barrett is still employed?


Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens Vs. Rusev in a Triangle Match!

Now this is wrestling. This is a throwback to when WCW used to have these matches. Remember when Sting, Vader and the Guardian Angel were in a match like this. Oh, it’s different? Well what about ECW then? Yeah! FTW! Anyways, this match was good, and I liked the story that played out here. Rusev being back was a nice touch, and the shoes were a good thing too. However, the immediate loss to Super Man John Cena didn’t sit well with me at all, but then again who cares, right? Good overall wrestling, great moments, and a nice way to move the competition around.

Stardust buried Neville

It was nice knowing you Neville.

Lesnar and Rollins and Kane and blah, blah, blah, terrible night of wrestling.

Oh, one last thing. I still don't care about Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. That feud is terrible. At least Dean Ambrose got an easy night out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday Night Raw From Indianapolis 6/23/2015 – The Brock Lesnar 3 Hour Showcase

SRC - 
It has started! Or rather, I have started! I was able to watch the full 3 hour showcase of Raw last night. The crew was live from Indianapolis, Indiana. That’s where I now reside! That’s right suckers, I live in Indianapolis where WWE was live from! As per usual, I am not going to comment on everything that happened, but rather the highlights that I liked.

Kane is All Over The Place

I am not the biggest Kane fan. I just am not. However, he was all over this show. The match between himself and Dean Ambrose was really cool, in my view. Ambrose is really flowing through his matches with ease. However, Kane won this fairly quickly in the end with a nice set of choke slam spots. I’m not sure Kane should be going over, but I guess that’s the end of the Ambrose world title push? I didn’t see the ladder match, I was moving.

Kevin Owens Should Win The U.S. Title, But May Not

I do not know what they are going to do with Owens. Owens has been built very strong so far. Losing to John Cena with the U.S. title on the line is not something I can see going down. I can see Samoa Joe jump into the mix and help Cena retain, setting up a triple threat for the U.S. Title, so watch out for that. I can also see Cena turning Heel, which I think is 5 years too late. I’d love to see the master of Thuganomics back into the game. This was an ok segment though, I liked it enough.

The Prime Time Players Coming Into Their Own

The Ascension is done, right? I can’t believe there is anywhere to go here, and it’s definitely something that you may be thinking too. The Prime Tim Players are fast, and really entertaining. There are some subtle things that they do in ring that is definitely worth your time to watch. I like the team work they display, and you’re going to enjoy the match on a lot of levels, in my view. I liked this one, it was fast, to the point and once again proves that the Prime Time Players are ready for the big time, oh and of course they are champions after all.

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Wasted Roman Reigns and Sheamus Match

This match was good. Sheamus used some brilliant counters to make this seem “real”. The psychology of the match really shown through here. However, the match was abruptly stopped when Reigns was into a mind games filled element with Wyatt. Whatever, I could’ve used without this.

The Filler of Neville, Backstage Authority, Kofi Kingston, The Divas, Adam Rose and More

I had to wash to the dishes during these moments, but my wife said I didn’t miss much. She did say that Neville was a troll looking dude, but is really good at flips. Kingston’s match against Brock Lesnar should be interesting. These are wasted moments for a 3 hour show though, not enough time is given to these guys wrestling, and that’s an issue. I did like the R-Truth segment where he said we need to free Little Jimmy, that was great.

Ryback versus The Big Slow

One major website said that Big Show wrestled Mark Henry, which wasn’t true. It was Ryback who wrestled and beat Henry. Henry sucks. Show is stupid, this feud is stupid, I don’t want to see it. Ryback doesn’t deserve such a boring partner to work with. Plus, where was Miz? Oh right, in Florida. They are building a feud with 3 guys, one of which isn’t even there! Stupid booking decision.

Brock Lesnar, Bork Lazer, and An Injured Jamie Noble

This was a good thing. Jamie Noble, I hear was injured. However, the rest of the night with Brock Lesnar getting showcased as a real contender was good to see. He’s a monster. However, I can’t suspend disbelief too much. Remember, Seth Rollins before was able to take the German Suplex and reverse it! What happened this time around? He out of nowhere stopped knowing how to counter that? That’s what made me excited to see Rollins versus Lesnar. Now? I don’t know.

Indianapolis was a hot crowd at times, and dead at others. I had fun, 3 hours is a lot of show though. I don’t want to sit there for so long and not see enough wrestling. The show’s editing is horrendous at times, the pacing is bad, and well, not a great showcase. However, it is what it is, and I’ll take whatever wrestling I can.

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