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WCW Spring Stampede 1997 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

Here we go again, the year was 1997, the April pay per view for WCW went to Tupelo, Coliseum and put in 8,356 in attendance for this show that was headlined by two of the best in the business ever. 8 matches were shown on the program, and there was a lot to enjoy and well, I liked this event a great deal. I’m going to be reviewing this from the WWE network, but I recommend that you get it on VHS. You can purchase WCW Spring Stampede 1997 on VHS here, unedited, uncensored, and without WWE’s editing squad. Here we go, the results and review of Spring Stampede 97.

WCW Spring Stampede 1997 Results and Review

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Ultimo Dragon

This opener was absolutely great. A young Rey Mysterio Jr. before all the knee surgeries took on the iconic Ultimo Dragon in a stellar match up. Mysterio was crisp, young, and flying around the ring. Meanwhile, Ultimo was so crisp in his movements. He was able to counter Mysterio often and really put on a showcase of the Japanese style mixed with Lucha elements. This 15 minute opener is worth your time, a seriously classic cruiserweight match.

Akira Hokuto defeated Madusa (WCW Women’s Championship)

A five minute throwaway match. WCW failed to use Madusa well, and this match showed that.

Prince Iaukea defeated Lord Steven Regal (WCW Television Championship)

This was another interesting bout for the night. Steven Regal’s style didn’t fit Iuakea’s in this match. It went just over 10 minutes and it was still good, but it just started awkwardly. Regal is always fun to watch, as his mat work is second to none. It’s an adequate match, but nothing great.

The Public Enemy defeated Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett

This was an interesting match that featured Public Enemy going over. It was a nice little match, but nothing too grand. Public Enemy wasn’t treated well in WCW, but they were on a win streak at this point, so they get the win, and yes, someone does go through a table. Overall, not bad, but definitely not a great match. Lots of slow moving, and despite the table spot, it was a bit boring overall.

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit ended in a No Contest (WCW United States Championship)

This went 17 minutes and it was a slow one. It was like watching a human chess match. The ending came with Kevin Sullivan coming through and hitting Chris Benoit with a kendo stick, knocking him out for the 3 count. This was a good match, if you like old school wrestling, because it was definitely old school, and methodical. The ending would continue the feud with Benoit and Sullivan, leading to their epic retirement match at Bash at The Beach 1997.

Kevin Nash defeated Rick Steiner (WCW World Tag Team Championship)

This match ended up being a single’s match for the titles. Scott Steiner was arrested earlier in the show, and Nick Patrick was the referee here. Overall a hard hitting match, Steiner working very stiff. Eventually Nash would win overall, but this was not a great match at all.

Lex Luger defeated The Giant, Booker T, and Stevie Ray in a Four Corners Match

Lex Luger got the win, but the story here was that whomever got the pinfall, would get a title shot against Hollywood Hogan. As I recall, Luger would get a title shot and actually win, only to get the title stripped away from him on Nitro. Whatever the case is, this was a good overall match, with The Giant and Luger on the same page, while the Harlem Heat ended up arguing. This was the night where Booker T called Hogan the N word, if you’re curious.

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Randy Savage

Macho Man was super stiff working with DDP. DDP ended up getting the win, but only after taking a serious beating by Randy Savage. After a diamond cutter, a ref bump, and Nick Patrick’s return, DDP would win. This was a brawl, nothing more than a sheer fight, and Macho eventually went down to DDP, but the feud was far from over.

Overall Spring Stampede 1997 was an underrated event and definitely deserved a lot more attention. The WWF at the time was running Revenge of Taker, and only received 6,477 in attendance in New York. Their main event was Stone Cold versus Bret Hart, so you know. Taker fought Mankind for the title, and well, that show I didn’t get live, I got Spring Stampede and recorded the VHS tape off the event. It was a classic in my view. Anyways, this night was cool for WCW, but there was a lot of dissension and disarray in the ending. The NWO seemed to be breaking apart.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

The cruiser weight match and the main event made this one above average. However, the rest of the card left something to be desired overall.

Again, if you’re going to watch this one unedited, you’ll want to look into Spring Stamped 1997 on VHS by clicking here. Don’t watch it on the Network, it will be edited, and censored, without the real music and reactions.

WWE Payback 2016 Predictions

Ryback versus Kalisto (WWE U.S. Championship)

This is a match that should see a lot of commentary on how small Kalisto is against the big guy. Look to see Ryback win this one, get the title and get a good run against all comers. In fact, I wouldn't put it past WWE to put in Apollo Crews in a feud with Ryback as two big guys going at it is a Vinnie Mac wet dream. 

Winner: Ryback for the U.S. Championship 

Vince McMahon Announces Who Controls WWE 

Look at Vince to state that at the next Pay Per View, Team Authority will face Team Shane winner will get control over the show. 

Winner: No One, Setting Up A Match For Next Pay Per view

Charlotte vs. Natalya (WWE Women's Championship)

I don't think that Bret and Flair can get too physical. Hart has stated that he can't really do a lot of bumps, so if there is any interaction, look for Flair to get hit hard on this one, and the unpopular solution of Natalya winning via disqualification and Charlotte once again not losing the belt. 

Winner: Natalya via DQ

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

I honestly think that this is going to be a brawl, and it won't end with a finish. What it's going to do is simple, it's going to go quite a while, but double dq or double countout with this leading to a serious second match with weapons, ladders, or something else. Last man standing most likely. This is a money feud, there will not be a definitive winner here, in my opinion. 

Winner: No Winner, Double Countout or DQ

The Miz vs. Cesaro (Intercontinental Championship)

The Miz will put on a good match, Cesaro will beat the crap out of him, but The Miz will retain the title after the Skull Crushing Finale. 

Winner: The Miz

Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose

Look for Jericho to win this one, and BURY Dean Ambrose. Then get Jericho into a feud with Roman Reigns as his last major feud before retiring for good. 

Winner: Chris Jericho 

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is enhancement talent, nothing more at this point. Ziggler is going to put on a showcase of wrestling, but will most likely lose this one yet again. Look for Baron Corbin to look strong yet again. 

Winner: Baron Corbin 

Enzo and Cass vs. The Vaudevillains 

In this final match in the tag team title tournament, look for The Vaudevillains to win big here. I think Enzo and Cass are great, but their time is not now, and they will end up losing this one, setting up a return of Blue Pants and Carmela down the line. But in this match, The Realest Guys in the room will go down to the throwback tag team of The Vaudevillains. 

Winner: The Vaudevillains 

Roman Reigns vs. Aj Styles (WWE Championship)

Here it is, the match you'd never think you'd see since Aj Styles was so loyal to TNA. Well, while a lot of people are hoping for Bullet Club to help Aj Styles win the big one, I think it's going to be Roman Reigns getting the victory. If by chance Aj does win, it will be by disqualification, and it will lead to him getting a rematch. 

Winner: Roman Reigns

The Wild Card Bullets 

No pun intended here. What will happen other than the aforementioned matches? Watch out for: 

  • The Bullet Club and Finn Balor showing up to beat up Aj Styles. 
  • Look out for a Roman Reigns heel turn by aligning with The Bullet Club and Balor. 
  • Watch out for the Wyatt Family!
And there you have it, Payback 2016 predictions! I'll have results and review on Monday, and a new column coming to you weekly. 

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WWE Smackdown 4/28/2016 Results and Review The Last Stop Before Payback

Aj Styles Is Part of The Bullet Club
The last stop before Payback was paved with matches on Smackdown, and an opening that had none other than Roman Reigns. As soon as his music hit, the crowd went into a lot of boos, but perhaps they were saying Boo-urns? Boo-Urns?

Anyways, this night on Smackdown started with a Roman Reigns promo that was interrupted by The Miz, and for his troubles? A punch in the mouth and a challenge. Roman Reigns left standing tall, as it were, and Smackdown starts fast, and goes into overdrive before Payback this Sunday.

WWE Smackdown 4/28/2016 Results and Review

Sami Zayn, Kalisto, and Cesaro defeated The League of Nations via countout

This match wasn’t half bad. There were some quick tags here and there, and some nice offense on both sides. The League of Nations took on a lot of work load, punishing the smaller competitors. The best part here was the disintegration of the League of Nations. Everyone got into a shoving match, and Del Rio left first, then Rusev left, allowing for Sheamus to take on 3 other competitors! Watch for Cesaro running across the floor and nearly knocking Sheamus’s head off with a European upper cut. Holy crap! It nearly took out the camera guy as well! Sheamus couldn’t take on the 3, and eventually was counted out, and that was that. The end of the League of Nations.

Baron Corbin defeated Damien Sandow

It was nice to see Sandow getting a payday, but it was all for not, as he got completely buried by Corbin. He barely got any offense, Corbin delivered his moves, beat down Sandown and hit End of Days. Sandow still gets a pay check, but man, what a waste of talent WWE, what a waste.

The Ambrose Asylum Segment with Natalya and Charlotte

Not a great segment. Ambrose is ok, but I don’t understand why he’s a lunatic? He doesn’t really form that notion of insane like Brian Pillman or any other insane guys. Even Norman Smiley did a better insane gimmick when he was screaming Norman Smiley. Natalya and Charlotte went at it verbally, and I didn’t care. Perhaps I was just tired. I stayed up late last night, watching “How To Get Away With Murder”. I didn’t pick up the Ric Flair, “kill yourself” line which many people were talking about on Twitter, but hey, that’s what happens in post, right?

Enzo and Cass defeated The Social Outcasts (Jobbers)

This match was exactly what you’d expect before a pay per view event. Enzo and Cass did all the work, running around going through the motions of their duo’s offense. Curtis Axle showed up to fight, and that was interesting, but I couldn’t resist calling him Michael McGullicutty. The Vaudevillains showed up, of course to watch, and The New Day were on commentary. This match was entertaining, no doubt, and the commentary was funny too, but overall, it was obvious what this match was for and what would occur. That’s not to say it was bad, it was fast paced, lots of great action, and really showcased the Enzo and Cass duality. I liked it. Good stuff, just not that important overall. The Social Jobbers are still just that, jobbers.

Apollo Crews defeated Stardust

Another match from Raw on Smackdown, and you know how this one went. Stardust is reaching the limit of his gimmick if you ask me. This match showcased Crews as a stellar athlete, and dominant newcomer. He wins easily.

Roman Reigns defeated The Miz

This was a champion versus champion match, and it wasn’t half bad. Roman Reigns isn’t a terrible wrestlers, and The Miz really hung in there with the champion. The match was a good main event for Smackdown, and Aj Styles at ringside was great. This one really got my attention, with lots of back and forth, high flying, and fast paced mat wrestling. Reigns’ showing off his power was good, and this thing really boiled down at the end.

After the match the Bullet Club showed up as well as the Usos. The question was whether or not Aj Styles was in cahoots with the Bullet Club, and well, we found out! On to Payback! Predictions coming, and a new column is coming also Mondays, here at sirjorge’s wwe blog.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10 for good wrestling, and less talking.
WWE Smackdown 4/28/2016 Results

Sami Zayn, Kalisto, and Cesaro defeated The League of Nations via countout
Baron Corbin defeated Damien Sandow
The Ambrose Asylum Segment with Natalya and Charlotte
Enzo and Cass defeated The Social Outcasts (Jobbers)
Roman Reigns defeated The Miz
Apollo Crews defeated Stardust

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Roman Reign's Is The Laughing Stock of WWE Champions - With Video Proof

How would you refer to the World Champion in the WWE? Would you ever call the man on top a laughing stock? Well, we already know Roman Reigns is getting booed out of buildings across America, and of course in my home, he gets booed out of the living room. My wife, however, likes him, but that’s because she’s not even a casual wrestling fan, she’s more along the lines of a, dutiful wife that lets me watch wrestling, or at least tolerates it a few times a month when there is a pay per view.

Roman Reigns Is A Laughing Stock

There, I said it. Why? Well, it turns out that he was the brunt of a serious joke for wearing “daddy” jeans in a PSA. I’m never going to be that kind of dad, but hey I’m an idiot. I’ll always have my sag tight, sag right, you know, you know how us player’s role. (Sarcasm in place) Anyways, he was made fun of on the Chris Hardwick show that no one watches. But then again, I’m talking about it, aren’t I?

Roman Reigns sucks, even though I wrote about how I don’t hate the guy here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Smart Wrestling Fan’s Wrestlemania Coverage Proves To Be The Worst

I’m not the greatest writer. I’m not a podcaster. I am however a fan of wrestling, and listen to a lot of podcasts. One of the long running podcasts that I have been listening to from time to time was Smart Wrestling Fan. Now, I liked when it was hosted by Joe and Wiggly, that’s how long I’ve been listening. But things started to shift. There are several reasons why I stopped listening in the past, and I’ll cite two major reasons.

The Nexus Angle That Blew Up

Remember the Summerslam match that pitted John Cena’s team versus The Nexus. Well, it was in that match that featured a lot of great moments. I reviewed Summerslam 2010 here. I bring this up because that’s one of the main shows that I recall being great, until the end. The ending had me absolutely mad. Looking back at the review, you can see my review which was written out live as the show went on. Well, it really got interesting when the main event brought out Daniel Bryan, after being fired for choking out Justin Roberts.

Why bring this up? Well, because I hated the ending. I wrote into Smart Wrestling Fan, and voiced my opinion to hear what the hosts had to say about it. If you don’t remember the match, here’s the finish. John Cena gets a DDT on the floor, he’s out cold. Then Justin Gabriel hits the 450 splash, and that should finish Cena, right? Nope. He pops up eliminates both Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel and wins the entire match, burying The Nexus. The Nexus never recovered.

Smart Wrestling Fan’s hosts buried my opinion and said I was dumb. They sided with John Cena and the booking of that angle. Fine. Fine. Ok, I’ll take it. I’ll stop listening.

The Second Strike

Recently, I started listening again, but it wasn’t until the Wrestlemania 32 coverage that I finally threw in the towel. The have a couple of new hosts since I stopped listening long ago. I was in for a long podcast, 4 hours, and it took a lot of gym time to get through it. What I hated about it was simple, Joe Negron’s stupidity. One minute he says something is great, then the next he says the same thing is stupid. He even mentioned how stupid certain fans are, for cheering what they want. Then lambastes JBL for doing the same thing in front of RAW! This guy flip flops more than Donald Trump.

There’s a dichotomy at play here, one that I gritted my teeth at. Then he made a comment about the Fort Minor song that opened up Wrestlemania. He makes a sly comment about how the song adds up to more than 100% and that it’s a stupid song. Well, well, Mr. Negron, you lose another listener. If Adsense allowed me to do so, I’d just say “F” the guy and quit. If you happen to listen to the episode in question, get ready to hear a grown ass man whine and complain, and basically hate the chore of watching wrestling and getting paid to do so.

So what? Why even comment? Because this begins my start of reviewing wrestling podcasts. I listen to a lot of them, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. I wanted to start with saying that Smart Wrestling Fan is absolutely terrible, and the host’s whining and constant lamentations about wrestling is not worth your time. Mr. Mutant Larry, now that’s a cool guy, though. I’d listen to a podcast of just that dude talking, but not with Joe Negron constantly interrupting, sighing, and hating wrestling.

I hate how people ask for money, then give you a show that they obviously don’t want to do any more. Heck, I got so sock of wrestling that I didn’t want to write anymore. So I stopped. Now I’m back, because I got tired of all these hacks talking out of their asses.

As I look to review episodes of podcasts about Wrestling, I'll start by saying that Smart Wrestling Fan is the WORST podcast on wrestling. 


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